Yay, it’s a new comic!

Since this is my first comic of the new year, I wanted to talk about how You’re Doing it Wrong updates will go in 2018. Instead of returning to regular weekly updates, the comic will remain on an “update when I can” schedule. That’s for two reasons…

  1. So I can experiment some more with the comic’s style in a way that allows me to draw and ink it faster, and
  2. So I can also work on some short-form comics.

Last year, I realized that sticking to a strict update schedule was putting a lot of stress on me, especially in the wake of some unrelated personal life stuff that made things really hard. So I took that pressure off by updating when I could instead of every single week, and it’s helped. It’s also given me enough breathing room to work on a few other projects, such as making comics for ace community activism and cosplay for charity. As I experiment with my style and drawing speed, my ultimate goal is to return to regular updates someday.

Thank you so much to those of you who read this comic – it absolutely means the world to me. I’m sorry the update schedule has been and will continue to be sporadic for a while, and I’m grateful to you for sticking with me through it. :)