Sean Casey Sean Casey: New kid at Falstaff High. Learning to play the guitar. Unique sense of humor. Tends to be extremely awkward, especially around the ladies.

Alan Goldstein Alan Goldstein: Intelligent, geeky kid who is much more socially awkward than he thinks. He and Sean could write a rad bromance.

Caroline Jackson Caroline Jackson: Sean’s half-sister and the family’s voice of reason. Plays bass guitar. Takes charge and doesn’t put up with any BS.

Serena Lorraine Serena Lorraine: Friendly girl who used to be shy (and is still awkward around boys). Sings and plays drums. Sean’s first friend at Falstaff High.

Cliff Finch Cliff Finch: Sean and Caroline’s cousin. Master of the guitar, marksmanship, and various martial arts. Goes to UVA. Enjoys cannabis.

Rachel Casey: Sean and Caroline’s mom, Cliff’s aunt. Never lost her teenage obsession with rock and roll and still plays a little guitar. Works at a music store.

Lucille Lorraine Lucille Lorraine: Serena’s mom. Constantly worries about her daughter’s safety and tries to keep her from being ‘corrupted.’ Works as an event planner.

Maggie Greenwood Maggie Greenwood: Serena’s next-door neighbor and oldest friend. Outgoing, fun-loving, and supportive. Helped Serena learn to stop being shy.

Krista Harris Krista Harris: Best friends with Serena and Maggie since their freshman year. Enjoys giving advice and tells it like it is. Hates being embarrassed in public.

Slick Rick Slick Rick: Offers a teenage Rachel his spare tire and companionship on the road to Woodstock. Becomes her first boyfriend not long after.

Seyla Somerville: Serena’s friend and classmate. Reserved but not shy – distrustful of new people but loyal to her close friends. Has dyslexia and a cynical sense of humor.

Darius McRae Darius McRae: Krista’s study buddy turned friends with benefits turned boyfriend. Popular senior who enjoys playing football and practical jokes.

Trinity Rubio Trinity Rubio: Caroline’s best friend at Falstaff. Makes friends and flirts easily but has no interest in popularity. Loves fashion and works at a boutique after school.

Brian Ackerman Brian Ackerman: Caroline’s math tutor. Extremely dedicated to his studies and has the highest GPA in his class. Nerdy but not socially inept.

Jared Jared Dupree: Falstaff’s resident class clown and Seyla’s best friend. Popular with the senior girls despite (or because of?) his off-the-wall and often dirty humor.

Hollie Halima “Hollie” Khoury: Cliff’s girlfriend (and study buddy, personal alcohol supplier and free advice giver), a senior at UVA. Interns part-time at a law firm in Arden.

Mandy Johnson: One of the most cutthroat popular seniors at Falstaff High. Has little regard for schoolwork or nerdy people. Comes from a very conservative family.

Jessica Jessica Johnson: Mandy’s younger sister and the first freshman to ever be cheerleading captain at Falstaff. Gets to hang out with the popular seniors.

Leah Leah Blake: The queen bee of the sophomore class. Is on the cheerleading squad with Jessica. Favorite activities include shopping and making fun of those who can’t afford to.

Liza Liza Parker: Mandy’s best friend and fellow senior. Was new at Falstaff her junior year but instantly rose to popularity due to her zero-tolerance policy for geeks (and her boobs).